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Ford Broncos have had a strong following with off-road enthusiasts and beach bros for a very long time. It’s the vehicle you think of when you think “classic SUV” thanks to its clean lines, quick V8 engine, and an airy cabin. If you aren’t interested in waiting for the new Ford Bronco to arrive and/or if you’re more of a vintage person, I’ve got something for you to check out.

If you’ve got a lot of disposable income burning a hole in your pocket and have always wanted a Bronco I suggest you take a look at Classic Ford Broncos in Columbus, Ohio. Founded by Bryan Rood over 10 years ago, Classic Ford Broncos has been pushing out beautiful restomod 1966 to 1977 Ford Broncos for awhile now. They turn the classic SUVs into modern-day off-road monsters without destroying the classic look that makes them so awesome.

Other than a lift kit and fender flare, Classic Ford Broncos keep the exterior of their vehicles largely original. The Bronco pictured above is a 1971 Brittany Blue Bronco, with a custom leather and patterned interior. I also found the, already sold, “Patina” Bronco picture below especially awesome looking. The parts you don’t see right away is where the real magic happens.

Ford Bronco Patina
Ford Bronco Patina

Under the hood of the 1971 Bronco is a 415-horsepower 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 linked to a 4R70W automatic transmission, Atlas II transfer case, and Dana 44 front end. In creating the ultimate off-road Bronco, Classic Ford Broncos has equipped it with a 2-inch Billet aluminum body lift, a 2-inch Bilstein 5100 Series suspension and 33-inch BF Goodrich tires. There’s a Borla muffler and 3-inch exhaust at the back so you can rest assured that everyone around you will get to appreciate the power at your disposal.

I really love the interior of this Bronco. It’s the perfect mix of luxury, vintageness, and utility. The seats and door panels are covered in a leather and fabric blend, the floor has been rhino lined, and the old speakers have been swapped for Kicker speakers.


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