Rapha’s New Classic, Explore, and Pro Team Sunglasses

Four frame styles and ROSE lens technology for Rapha’s latest Pro Team, Classic and Explore sunnies

Three new sunglasses models from Rapha launched today. The range is made up of two sets of Pro Team glasses (one with a full frame, one frameless), the Classic glasses and the Explore shades.

Rapha says the standout technical feature of its glasses is the ROSE lens technology. Rider Optimised Surface Enhancement uses a base lens color that enhances light level differences, allowing riders to spot road hazards more easily and increases light and dark contrast to help the eyes adapt more quickly to changing light conditions.

All the sunglasses are made in Italy and the lenses also come with what Rapha calls “military grade anti-fogging” treatment to the inside of the lens. The lenses also get a hydrophobic coating on the outside surface and the Pro Team Full Frame and Explore models get vent holes in the lens to improve airflow and cooling.

Head to Rapha to check out more details. Pricing starts at $125.

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