Rapha Collaborates with Gore-Tex for New Jacket Range

Rapha has partnered with waterproof experts Gore-Tex for the first time to bring a new range of jackets. A good jacket keeps the rain off you, a great jacket breaths and lets you ride hard without overheating. So, Rapha has used Gore-Tex ShakeDry, Active & Stretch plus Polartec Alpha insulation to create a lightweight shell, an insulated jacket, and a multi-use pullover.

Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Gore-Tex jacket

The Pro Team Lightweight jacket has already been seen in the professional peloton, on Education First riders, and is labelled as a ‘superlight, extremely breathable and waterproof’ packable shell that can be raced in while keeping the rider perfectly dry.

The most basic of the new Rapha+Gore jackets will sell for $295 and will be available only in Shakedry’s almost black with a white contrast arm band & reflective details.

The single layer Shakedry Gore membrane beads up so the jacket stays light, and when it stops raining you can shake the drops of water off it to dry then pack it into its mesh pocket and throw it in a jersey pocket. The Pro Team Lightweight Gore-Tex jacket also gets a women’s cut version with all the same Shakedry tech and same pricing.

Rapha Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex jacket

The most hi-tech of the three new jackets is the $430 Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex jacket which is also available only in black, with reflective accents.

The insulated version of the jacket uses Polartec’s ‘Alpha’ insulation on the inside. Coupled with the external Shakedry layer, it attempts to provide a solution for ‘the coldest, wettest conditions’. The jacket uses a stretch hood to go underneath your helmet with vents on the side to prevent any hindrance to the rider’s hearing.

Rapha Explore Hooded Gore-Tex Pullover

Last up is the Explore series’ new $345 Gore-Tex Pullover, which adds some color to the range thanks to a conventional multi-layer Gore fabric. This one comes in Dark Navy blue, Plum purple, or Dark Yellow,, all with plus reflective detailing. It has a large front pocket for storage and an integrated ‘stuff sack’ to transform the pullover into a makeshift pillow.

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