PUBG and Fortnite go Mobile 1

PUBG and Fortnite go Mobile

Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are so hot right now. As two of the most popular games out there, they are strikingly similar, dropping 100 players into last-person-standing combat. Fortnite is a bit more cartoony, has some fort building elements to it and is free to play. While PUBG has larger maps, more realistic graphics, arguably better gun play and costs $30. Now there’s one more similarity to add to the list, you can now play both on your phone.

Fornite had been available on iPhone via invitation to its beta iOS program. Now it’s ready for everyone. Epic Games, just announced via Twitter that the game is now available to anyone with an iPhone or iPad that’s running iOS 11. The game is free to play.

PUBG and Fortnite go Mobile 2

PUBG also released a mobile version of its game on iOS a few weeks back. It is also available to download for free.

In a strange twist, PUBG seems to have actually outflanked Fortnite in the mobile market. While the opposite is true for PC. PUBG is smoother, has better graphics and plays great on mobile. Fortnite still has some work to do. In fact, PUBG mobile might actually be better than playing on the PC thanks to a progression, ranking and leveling system, new game features, smooth game-play and an introduction that puts you up against AI foes so you can learn the game with less pressure.



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