Porsche Just Destroyed the Nürburgring Lap Record By Nearly A Minute

12.9 miles divided by 5.3258 minutes is 2.422 miles per minute. Multiply that by 60 and you get 145.33 mph. Most people will never get a car to 145, hell most cars wouldn’t get there if you tried. Now imagine that’s your average speed over an entire racecourse.

That’s ludicrously fast, and 919 driver Timo Bernhard just destroyed the Nordschelife track record by doing just that with a time of 5:19.546—nearly an entire minute faster than Stefan Bellof’s longstanding lap record of 6:11.13.

In a world where car manufacturers release 5,000 word press releases with delight when they manage to be a fraction of a second faster than one another, Porsche going 20% faster than the old record is nothing less than amazing.

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