Porsche GT2 RS MR Stomps Lamborghini’s ‘Ring' Record 1

Porsche GT2 RS MR Stomps Lamborghini’s ‘Ring’ Record

Now, with the GT2 RS MR, the most insane 911 ever, Porsche has shaved another four seconds off its time bringing its lap time down to 6:40.3.

Using a Nurburgring-specific upgrade and optimization kit, Porsche and the engineers at Manthey Racing essentially built the 911 GT2 RS MR from the ground up to do one thing, destroy the Nurburgring.

Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, Porsche’s head of motorsport and GT Cars, said, “In this test drive, we simply wanted to assess the potential of the vehicle once more. The result is quite impressive. It really is a fabulous time. This shows again very clearly the exciting possibilities of this sports car.”

Porsche’s partnership with Manthey Racing produced a slew of parts that can be ordered right now if you have a GT2 RS that isn’t quite doing it for you.


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