Pocket-Run Pool is the Latest Great Game from Zach Gage

Indie game developer Zach Gage keeps delivering great games for iOS. Really Bad Chess, Flipflop Solitaire and Typeshift are games that have stayed on my phone while many others have come and gone. Now he’s back with his own take on 8-Ball with a game called Pocket-Run Pool.

Pocket-Run Pool captures core elements that makes billiards so popular while offering a whole lot of new that even casual players of pool can enjoy. There’s a cool new rotational scoring system and a very fluid method of using the cue which make the game well suited for playing on a phone.

Pocket-Run offers four modes of play, you can unlock the full suite with single in-app purchase of $4. There’s Standard Run where you can learn to play. High Stakes in which you can risk your virtual currency bank account against varying game conditions like Cuewall, random bumper additions, death balls, etc… Asynchronously Go lets you battle for gold against players from around the world in Insta-Tournament mode. And in Break of the Week, you can compare your top score on a special post-break table with players worldwide.

Pocket-Run Pool is great new game with a lot of fun new elements and competition to keep things fresh. I guess it’s time to make a Zach Gage folder on my phone.


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