POC and MIPS Team Up for Helmet Safety

MIPS sued POC in 2017, claiming that POC’s SPIN Technology system infringed on their intellectual properties, now they’re joining forces

Once upon a time, POC created its own Spin technology to address rotational forces, while other helmet makers partnered with MIPS. Then in 2017, MIPS sued POC.

Now, MIPS and POC have teamed up to incorporate MIPS technologies into POC helmets. The first helmet to get the tech is the POCito Crane helmet which will hit the market in summer 2020. In 2021, POC will release helmets featuring a new MIPS-enhanced rotational protection system designed specifically for POC helmets.

SPIN is gone, POC’s “Whole Helmet Concept” instead aims to address the need for safety before, during, and after an impact. What that entails is yet to be seen.

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