Patagonia Is Suing the Trump Administration 1

Patagonia Is Suing the Trump Administration

Usually when you go to Patagonia’s website you are presented with some photos of climbers or surfers hanging out in Patagonia gear. But on Monday, around 4pm EST, the website started displaying a plain black background with the words: “The President Stole Your Land.”

On Monday, the President announced he was rolling back protections on the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah. That’s two million acres of public land which will lose federal protection, representing the largest reduction of protected land in America’s history. And get this, 98 percent of the people who commented on the public review of the monuments are against this rollback.

Patagonia has announced its intention to file a lawsuit against the administration to protect Bears Ears national monument from losing federal protection. The case could define Trump and future presidents’ ability to further strip monument status like this.

States Have Historically Sold Off Federal Lands
History shows that when the federal government grants, sells or otherwise gifts federal land to states, 70 percent of the land is sold to private interests, jeopardizing public access.

States have different rules for land management, and private lands are often not accessible to the general public, meaning the transfer of federal lands to private hands could impact outdoor activity and access.

It is a Myth that More Public Lands are Needed for Oil and Gas Development
90 percent of U.S. public lands are open to oil and gas leasing and development; only 10 percent are protected for recreation, conservation and wildlife.

Over 7,500 approved drilling permits on federal land are undrilled and idled.

In 2015, oil companies produced 175 million barrels of crude oil from federal lands, up 60 percent from 2008.

It seems like most everything is horrible these days, but a shitty tax plan written for the donor class can be repealed, walls can come down and executive orders overturned. Public lands, however, once destroyed by way of mining, mineral extraction, or logging are gone forever. This is very much a fight worth fighting.


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