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Pallof Press – The Best Exercises Named After Famous Lifters

For great abs and obliques, skip the machines and crunches and do the Pallof press. It’s safe, effective, and very tough.

Want to target the entire core, including the shoulder and hip complexes in addition to the abdominal wall? Give the Pallof press a shot. This anti-rotation movement will challenge your static and dynamic stability of the “pillar” all at once.

Think it looks too easy? It isn’t.

Boston-based physical therapist John Pallof created this movement and it has since spread to trainers and coaches throughout the world.   The move is simple, while standing next to a cable stack with a d-handle set at stomach-height, grab the handle with both hands and step away from the stack until the cable is taught. You can use resistance bands in place of a rack if needed.   With feet planted, press the handle outward and feel the lengthening of your lever, outstretching your arms, put torsional stress on your abs.   Make sure you stay tight and all the movement happens with the arms.   It’s a great move for athletes, power-lifters and body builders alike.

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