Overcast 5 for iOS and Apple Watch 1

Overcast 5 for iOS and Apple Watch

In case you didn’t notice, today marked the release of iOS 12. Coinciding with that, Marco Arment pushed out version 5 of Overcast, it’s a huge update to my favorite podcast client.

Marco laid out everything that’s new in a lengthy blog post, but here’s the quick and dirty:

  • A new “Now Playing” screen: It’s much easier to find the cards on either side of the podcast artwork — effects and speed controls on the left, show notes on the right.
  • Much improved standalone playback on Apple Watch: This sorta came out a while back but didn’t work well and so Marco had to remove it. Now with the addition of Auto-Sync (which transfers recent shows in the background whenever possible) and volume control via the Digital Crown things finally seem to be ready for show time.
  • Search: You can now search for specific episodes, using info from titles, show notes, etc.
  • Podcast release frequencies: Overcast now provides estimated release schedules for individual podcasts.
  • Siri Shortcuts support: Now you can start playback in Overcast from Siri, the Search screen or the new Shortcuts app. For instance, I setup a cool new shortcut when I leave the office that gives me my ETA to home, texts my wife my ETA, launches a Google Map with my route and then starts my latest podcast in Overcast.

There’s a lot more to explore, but suffice to say it’s a great update to an already incredible app.


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