Overcast 3 for iOS

Overcast 3 for iOS

Overcast is the best podcast app for iOS and it just got a major overhaul with the release of version 3.0 which makes it even better. From the developer:

[Overcast 3] is a huge update, mostly in the design and flow of the interface. I’ve been working on it since last summer, informed by over two years of testing, usage, and customer feedback.

I designed Overcast 1.0 in 2014 for iOS 7, and it was a product of its time: it used ultra-thin text and lines against stark, sharp-edged, full-screen white sheets and translucent blur panes, with much of the basic functionality behind hidden gestures. That fundamental design carried through every update until today.

Marco covers everything that’s new and different in the blog post quoted above, the major new enhancements are:

  1. The “Now Playing” screen and all other modal screens work as “cards” meaning they slide up from the bottom and can be dismissed by simply swiping down. Much smoother interaction when using the app one-handed.
  2. Tapping an episode in your queue now opens a small drawer of action buttons beneath it (Share, Star/Favorite, Play, Queue, and Delete). More functionality in a smaller space.
  3. Episodes on the list now have a permanent button for reordering!
  4. From the “Now Playing” screen a horizontal swipe will take you to the show notes pane.
  5. Ads will be more tasteful and relevant as Overcast will now display in-house advertisements as opposed to Google-served ads.

Overall, the best iOS podcast app just got noticeably better! A bunch of improvements I didn’t know I needed make the app feel more functional and easier to use. Overcast is free to use (ad-supported), an in-app purchase for Overcast Premium at $9.99 removes ads.

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