Backs Down in Open Letter: ‘We Made a Mistake’

Since news began circulating that was suing small businesses for using the term backcountry in their names, the company has remained silent as the #boycottbackcountry movement grew. No longer, as CEO Jonathan Nielsen published the following open letter this morning apologizing for the companies' actions and promising to do better. Dear Backcountry Community,... Continue Reading → Faces Boycotts as Retailer Sues Businesses for Using the Term ‘Backcountry’

Frustration with online outdoor retailer is rising on social media using #boycottbackcountry on Twitter and Instagram because the retailer has reportedly been taking legal action against small business owners who use the word “backcountry" as part of their name. The Colorado Sun broke the story late last week, listing several of the businesses that... Continue Reading →

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