2020 Rando Imperator: Randonnée from Germany to Italy

The fifth edition of the Rando Imperator, a European Randonnée from Germany to Italy, will take place May 9th and 10th of 2020. The event is part of the Italian Audax calendar and offers three courses: Munich-Ferrara (600km), Munich-Bozen (300km), Bozen-Ferrara (300km) and Bozen-Mantua (200km). More information and registration at Rando Imperator -->

The Spirit of RAGBRAI – Small Towns and Tall Tales

Videographer Justin Balog for PEARL iZUMi: 2019 was the 48th edition of the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa organized by The Des Moines Register newspaper. Many have heard of the weeklong event, but to experience it is something else all together. As a heads up, the 2020 registration for RAGBRAI opens November 20th!

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