Builders for Builders Brought in $56k!

The Builders for Builders fundraiser finished on Friday, all told the event raised a total of $56,000 for the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. The lucky-duck winner, Kenny Lehman, chose a custom McGovern Cycles for his build of choice.

Driver’s Who Dislike Cyclists Don’t See Them

A new study of driver attitudes toward cyclists shows that a driver's attitudes towards bike riders influences their ability to perceive them. In other words, those who don't like or care about cyclists simply don't see them, even when looking at them. The study also found, quite obviously, that the social dominance of vehicles means... Continue Reading →

The Propaganda Model & The Five Filters of Media

The propaganda model seeks to explain media behavior by examining the institutional pressures that constrain and influence news content within a capitalist system. It flies in the face of theories that argue that journalism is by its nature adversarial to established power. The propaganda model predicts that corporate-owned media will consistently produce news content that... Continue Reading →

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