New Tools From Lezyne

RAP II 19 CO2 Tool

The RAP II multi-tool from Lezyne packs in a lot of features including an integrated, machined aluminum CO2 inflator, full range of hex tools, and lightweight machined aluminum side plates. The tool comes in anodized black and the side plates even have an integrated magnetic holder for a chain quick-link. In addition to the RAP II 19, there are seven total RAP II configurations featuring tool combinations for all ride types.

• Quick link holder
• Hex 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm
• Torx T10/T25
• Phillips
• Chain breaker
• 8/10mm wrench
• 4 spoke wrenches
• Disc brake wedge
• Rotor truing tool
• CO2 inflator
• $29.99

Multi Chain Pliers

Lezyne’s new Multi Chain Pliers are constructed from machined aluminum and feature an integrated quick-link tool, chain breaker, valve core tool, bottle opener, rotor aligner, and magnetic holders for up two spare quick links. The tool has an anodized finish and chain breaker pin is made from hardened steel. The Multi Chain Pliers will sell for $40.

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