Bruce McLaren passed away at just 32-years-old, 12 of which were spent racing, despite his early passing his impact on the automotive world is immense. The trailer for the simply titled documentary, McLaren, above covers the life of Bruce McLaren who dominated the track as a driver, led one of the most successful Formula One teams in history and started the McLaren car company.

McLaren’s life and legacy is shared through interviews with Mario Andretti, Jackie Stewart, his Le Mans co-driver Chris Amon, and his wife Patricia Broad.

The documentary looks like it features all the things any good car documentary should feature; vintage racing, auto racing legends and plenty of car porn.

The film’s official synopsis, according to The Hollywood News:

Born in New Zealand in 1937, Bruce McLaren’s determination to make it to the summit of global motor racing circles saw his name become synonymous with the sport; displaying an incomparable will to succeed and desire to better both himself and his burgeoning super brand. In following a singular dream, McLaren elicited the loyalty, determination and love of family, friends and colleagues to create a dynasty that lives on to this day. Revealing the challenges and adversities faced along the way, including a childhood illness which threatened to alter the path of his life, McLaren is the story of one man’s unfaltering commitment to his vision which will inspire generations of sporting fans.

Since we are talking McLaren I recommend you take a minute and watch this short film below. It sheds light on McLaren’s very human back-story.


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