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Native Eyewear2 min read

Native Eyewear is a relatively new optics company with a dedication to polarized technology throughout their line of  sunglasses and  goggles. Eyewear companies committed to polarized lenses are not new, but Native is entering the scene at a very reasonable pricepoint and they offer a plethora of styles. I recently received a pair of their Frisco and  Gonzo styles to review.  Here’s how they stacked up.

Native Eyewear Frisco

When I’m out riding I like to wear lightweight, low profile eye protection.  The Native Eyewear Frisco ($139)  sunglasses are as light and low profile as sunglasses get.  The polarized lenses cut down glare from snow nicely and the wraparound lens kept light out from all directions.  Check out the feature list:

  • Extremely lightweight Rhyno-Tuff Air frame resists damage during activities and everyday use
  • Ultralight aluminum arms reduce weight and feature cam action hinges that quickly lock into position when opened
  • Polarized Crystal Carbonate (PCC) lenses shield your eyes from 99% of potentially dangerous glare and provide 100% protection from degrading UV rays
  • PCC lenses are hard-coated to prevent scratching
  • Flex Metal adjustable nose pad system lets you get a snug fit for your particular nose shape and Cushinol nose pads provide grip even when you sweat
  • Native Eyewear’s top vents on the frame help prevent fogging from your body heat
  • Mastoid temple grips hug the bone behind your ear even during rigorous activity
  • Includes a soft protective pouch/cleaning cloth within the case

I’ve put the glasses through their paces and no scratches have tarnished the lens yet, and the lenses are of exceptional quality – I’d put them up there with Oakley in lens quality which is a huge compliment.  The frames are super light, flexible and proved to be very rugged.  Overall I’d definitely suggest the Frisco for anyone looking for a good sporting shade for anything from running to baseball.  More looks below.

Native Eyewear Gonzo

During my typical activities of mountain biking and driving around town, I was able to use the Gonzo’s ($99) with much success. While I don’t usually like full-frame sunglass designs for cycling and running, the large lens profile offered a wide field of vision with minimal frame interference.

The nose pieces provided excellent grippage under all conditions, even after sweating for a few hours. I’ve worn these all day, on multiple occasions and have found them to be very comfortable. Again the Native Eyewear optics are solid with no notable distortions and a perceptible improvement around water due to the polarized lens technology and the scratch resistance was great. Here’s the feature list:

  • Double Snap-Backâ €ž ¢ Interchangeable Lens System
  • Rhyno-Tuffâ €ž ¢ Air Frames
  • Venting
  • Cushinol
  • Cam Action Hinges
  • Mastoid Temple Gripâ €ž ¢
  • Anti-Ocular Intrusion Systemâ €ž ¢
  • Colors: Maple Tort, Asphalt, Iron (tested)
  • MSRP: $99/$119

At $119, the Native Eyewear Gonzo is on the lower end of the polarized sunglasses price spectrum, but the overall package is great quality.  Definitely give the sunglass newcomer a good look next time you’re out for a pair of shades.

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