How to Mute Gas Pump Advertisements
How to Mute Gas Pump Advertisements

There was a time when going to the gas station meant you might get a bit of service for the dough you were dropping on gas:

Not so much these days. Instead of service, you now get advertisements blasted at your face while you feed your hard earned money into the gas pump.

There is a gas station I hit about once a week on my way to work that always has the cheapest prices in the area and as an added bonus; an amazing view of the mountains. It’s a brief respite in my morning commute, I can turn away from the pump and look at the mountains for 5 minutes. But, the experience has been tarnished by these awful new autoplay video ads that play on the screen. I turn around to check out the mountain view and am blasted from behind by a terrible 30-second clip of Steve Harvey saying something completely unfunny.

Advertisements are so pervasive these days and being bombarded by ads when already paying for gas was just too much. I wanted to hunt down the corporate shills who came up with this stupid idea and more so the gas station execs who greenlighted it for distribution to the pumps. But then I took a more level-headed approach. I considered that the techs who built the things had perhaps built in a mute button.

So, I started mashing some buttons and sure enough, I found it. The second button on the right side of the screen muted the ads! Doing a little research online it seems most all of the advertisement playing pumps have a mute button, you might just find yours in a different position around the screen. Go out and experiment.

Problem solved. I can once again pump my gas in peace.



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