Mosaic Bikes Offers “Batch-Built” Gravel Bike/MTB

Mosaic Bikes now offers a “Batch-Built” option which limits geometry options to a stock set up and streamlines frame production. Mosaic claims that this will allow for them to have stock pn hand and turn-around times for orders should be 2-4 weeks.

Mosaic will offer their Batch-Built GT-2 45 gravel bikes in a full size range from 48cm – 60cm at 2cm increments with their standard raw finish and an option to upgrade to Mosaic’s Finishwork Program at an extra charge. A Colorado made GT-2 45 frame in titanium begins at $4500.00 USD.

Mosaic’s new MT-2 hardtail MTB frame also joins the fun. Customers can order a MT-2 in the Batch-Built program and expect delivery within 2-4 weeks. A base Batch-Built Raw frame goes for $4200.00.

For more details see Mosaic’s website here:

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