Mobile by Peak Design for Cyclists

Mounting a $1000 cell phone to your bike is scary, so a secure system is a must. Peak Designs has developed a new solution with an Out-Front and Universal bike mount, using their new Slimlink system.

Mobile by Peak Design is Peak’s 10th Kickstarter campaign. Peak Design has successfully delivered 9 Kickstarter campaigns for a total of $32.4M. Deliveries for Mobile are expected in May of 2021 and pricing start at $32.

Mobile by Peak Design is an system of cases, mounts, and accessories that work together. Peak Design achieves this with a mounting technology named ​SlimLink. According to the press release

With a stack height of just 2.4mm, ​SlimLink minimizes bulk on your phone and mounting devices.

Peak Design sent me factory samples. I have to say, the quality is top notch and the functionality is clearly the result of 4 years of development. Their nylon canvas fabric case is very nice and seems like it will hold up well.

Check out their Kickstarter video here and see more at their campaign website.

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