Mike Schein Hooning Around in a McLaren F1

Mike Schein, read about him here if you’re unfamiliar, is living the gearhead’s dream. His instagram page is literally automotive porn. The above video depicting what happens when the McLaren F1’s V12 is allowed to lose itself is too awesome.

According to user Peloton25 over at Jalopnik:

McLaren F1 Chassis 014 was originally part of the collection of the Brunei Royal Family. Was for sale in the UK in 2002 and came to the USA, landing in New York once Federalized. It stayed there until December 2005 when it was sold to the Silicon Valley Auto Group in Los Gatos, CA. They had it on their showroom floor for the next 7 months at a price that didn’t seem to take into account some of the small issues the car had. They chose to consign it to the RM Auction in Monterey in August 2006 where it was purchased by the family who currently own the car for a final price of $1.705M. The car at that point was still wearing its original Yellow paint and standard bodywork. The following Spring the new owner’s sent it back to the factory in Woking for the complete overhaul and transformation with the fitment of the High Downforce Kit that you see in this video.

I was able to find some photos from when the car was auctioned in Monterey, California on Flickr.

To illustrate just how rare these cars are:

McLaren F1 Total Production:

7 Prototypes = 5 F1 road cars (XP1-XP5), one F1 LM (XP1 LM), and one F1 GT long tail road car (56XPGT)

64 Roadcars (Normal versions with “Short” bodywork) – note that some of these cars have since been converted with the ‘High Downforce LM-kit’.

28 GTRs (Racecars) – This includes the 9 ’95-spec GTR’s, the 9 ’96-spec GTRs, and the 10 ’97-spec long tailed GTRs. Again – many of these cars have since been converted by the factory for road use, but that doesn’t change their original designation as GTRs.

5 LMs (lightweight and more powerful roadcars — 2336 lbs vs. 2495 lb, 680 bhp and 520 lb/ft vs 627 bhp and 479 lb/ft). These cars were constructed to commemorate the McLaren F1’s debut participation at Le Mans in 1995, where 5 GTRs completed the race — finishing 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 13th.

2 F1 GTs (roadcars with “Long” bodywork similar to 1997 GTR racecars).

1 Spare Chassis

TOTAL: 106 cars

Breakdown by year –

1992 = XP1

1993 = XP2-XP5, 1 F1 road car

1994 = 24 F1 road cars

1995 = 15 F1 road cars, 9 ’95-spec F1 GTRs, 1 ’96-spec F1 GTR, F1 LM prototype ‘XP1 LM’

1996 = 7 F1 road cars, 8 ’96-spec F1 GTRs, 5 F1 LMs, 1 ’97-spec GTR long tail

1997 = 9 ’97-spec GTR long tails, 11 F1 road cars, F1 GT prototype ’56XPGT’, 2 F1 GTs

1998 = 6 F1 road cars, 1 spare chassis

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