Enjoy your toys. Don’t worry about breaking them, don’t worry about scratching them. Just have fun with them

So says the owner of the salt-covered Mercedes-Benz Gullwing. You are not looking at a new SLS AMG, this is an original 300SL that Bob Sirna bought a year out of college in the early 1980s. He has since repurposed the vehicle as a Bonneville Salt Flats racecar.

The rare classic is worth about a million dollars, some would call him crazy for bring it to the Salt Flats, but he loves the car and loves driving it more. Putting a car in a museum is like tying up a race horse because it’s beautiful. The Gullwings were made to be fast and break records, I can’t help but picture the cars designers smiling from ear to ear at the sight and sound of this car.