Meet the Happiest Guy in the World

Mario Salcedo  has spent the last 20 years as a full-time resident of Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

For nearly two decades, Mario had been living out of his suitcase, traveling extensively for his corporate job as the director of international finance at a multinational corporation. He spent more time in and out of hotel rooms scattered across Latin America than he did at his home in Miami. After working nonstop for nearly 21 years, Mario – burned out – decided it was time to pursue a lifelong goal: to travel around the world, without leaving home. In 1997, he quit his job, packed an even bigger suitcase and quietly disappeared from the lives of his friends and family to pursue a new life on the open water.

For a video about “The Happiest Guy in the World” it’s actually pretty damn depressing. Which sorta makes sense, personally speaking, living on a cruise ship sounds about as much fun as a prison sentence. Also, working as the director of international finance for a multinational from a cruise ship trotting about in international waters really just means money laundering right? Regardless, it’s an interesting profile.

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