How to Make a Mallet from Milk Jugs

This is a really cool weekend project. Peter Brown made a mallet by sourcing HDPE plastic used in milk containers to create the head and used cherry wood for the handle.

I was really surprised by how easy it was for him to melt the plastic and form it into the mallet head. Pretty cool, and I’m thinking there are a lot of projects that could utilize recycle HDPE.

Looking around, I was amazed at how much stuff in my house was made of HDPE. Milk jugs, juice containers, squirt bottles, generic screw top pill bottles, laundry detergent jugs, shampoo bottles, even plastic bags from the grocery store.

HDPE is the plastic used in many household containers including gallon sized milk jugs. I melt down about 7 milk jugs and 3 powdered lemonade containers to get enough HDPE to make my mallet head.

The handle of the mallet is made from a cherry board and adds a nice warm contrast to the plastic! This mallet packs a punch and is quite heavy given it smaller size!

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