Lucnt SRL1 is a Smart Bike Light That Lets People Know When You’re Slowing Down

I tend to stay clear of Kickstarter, but the Lucnt SRL1 looks like a project I can get behind. The new California-based company is looking for backers to help bring its smart bike light to market. The light is small, rectangular and mounts to a seatpost in the same way most bike lights do. What’s new here is that the light packs along some pretty cool tech.

The SRL1 is a smart light, it attaches to its mounting hardware on the seatpost with a strong magnet, so you can easily remove the light when you’ve finished your commute. The light automatically activates when it’s attached, no buttons are needed. If you and your bike remain motionless for 90 seconds, the light turns off and when you begin to ride the light turns on. The most interesting feature, though, is the SLR1s ability to detect when you’re braking. As soon as the light sense you’re slowing down it increases its brightness tenfold.

Definitely a cool feature-set, without the need for extra wires or hardware beyond the light. The SLR1 is built from machined aluminum and is weatherproof. A pledge of $100 gets you a light, expensive but I find safe practices without additional complication are about the only safe practices that actually get repeated.


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