Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All 1

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All

Some of my best memories of camping are making pineapple upside-down cake in a cast iron dutch oven after a long day of mountaineering as a kid in the Boy Scouts. While a dutch oven can do a lot, Lodge wants your cast iron campware to do even more and give you more cooking options with their new Cook-It-All, a multipurpose dutch oven.

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All 2

The Cook-It-All is a beefy chunk of cast iron at 29 pounds, as it should be, packing in five different cooking configurations out of only two pieces. You can utilize the set as a wok or dutch oven with the included lid functioning on its own as a reversible griddle and grill. You can also flip the wok over on top of the lid and rest charcoal on the top of the for baking.

The cookware also comes with two hooked handles that allow for safe, simple maneuvering of both cast iron pieces.

You can grab a Lodge Cook-It-All for $130, shipping is free through Lodge’s website.


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