Liu Cixin’s ‘The Wandering Earth’ will be Coming to Film

The Wandering Earth is based on a novella by Cixin Liu of the same title, the author is best known for The Three-Body Problem. The story has all the hallmarks of a big Hollywood movie: a dramatic story of Earth and humanity in peril.

The Wandering Earth begins at a time in the future when humanity has accepted the scientific findings that our sun is in the final stages of transforming into a red giant. This transformation will include a helium-burst from the sun that will vaporize the Earth. Humanity is left with a choice; leave the planet or move it. Under the Unity Government, it is decided that Earth Engines will be constructed in order to move the entire planet to the closest most viable star. The story, told from the viewpoint of an unnamed narrator, covers the period of time from when the Earth Engines are beginning to function to the passage of the Earth past the outer planets in our solar system.

The Chinese film industry clearly recognized the potential in the story. The adaptation, directed by Guo Fan, is slated to be released in February 2019, and it’ll be China’s first big-budget science fiction film.

The Wandering Earth by Liu Cixin is a story that must be read if you are a fan of science fiction. I’m excited to see how the story translates to film, even if I have to read subtitles. Hopefully, Amazon can finish up its $1b deal to bring The Three Body Problem to television next.

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