Knotty Roller – the Swiss Army Knife of Muscle Recovery

I’m a big fan of foam rolling after training sessions to enhance muscle recovery, but over the years I’ve collected a totes-worth of rollers and other massage tools. Here’s a cool Kickstarter project that aims to keep everything organized and at hand.

Wesley Wilson created an all-in-one solution for muscle recovery he’s dubbed the Knotty Roller. It’s essentially the Swiss Army knife of muscle recovery. The Knotty Roller packs six recovery tools into traditional foam roller sized package. Pop open the roller to gain access to a 3-inch massage ball, a 2-inch bumpy ball, an 18-inch massage stick, a 24-inch half-roller and a 5-foot nylon stretching band that doubles as a handy carrying strap.

There are a few funding levels, but you can still score a Knotty Roller for $99 on Kickstarter, with the product slated for shipping in April.

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