iOS 11 Sure Does Suck 1

iOS 11 Sure Does Suck

I’ve got iOS 11 locked and loaded and it makes me want to smash my screen a little more than it already is. Apple adopting Apple Music’s jumbo-sized interface for all the rest of its apps (seriously, why does the word Settings take up a full fifth of the settings page?) is bad enough. The complete lack of attention to detail present throughout this operating system on a whole makes me want to take a rusty spoon to my eye balls.

Oh sure, Tim Cook will claim iOS 11 is the best operating system yet and there are pieces of it that deliver. The multitasking UX on the iPad is nice. AirPlay 2 is cool. ARKit is supposedly going to change the world. Oh, and there’s a new control center that looks pretty decent and which allows for “customization” or at least the bare minimum amount of fiddling that could fall under the definition of the word. But really, that’s all the new meat and potatoes what’s left is the worst case of user interface inconsistency since Apple served up that visual assault known as skeuomorphism.

iOS 11 Sure Does Suck 2

I won’t detail all the problems here because the list is terrifyingly long and developer Ryan Lau has already done an excellent job of putting it all together. Some of the mistakes are small and won’t be noticed by most users, but others are completely unforgivable. Particularly terrible are the headings that don’t consistently align with the search bars in apps like Mail despite Apple’s own interface guidelines dictating that they should – and they do in apps like Notes. Also egregious, Apple stresses to developers that the search bar should be of the same color as the status bar, then breaks its own rule in the Watch app.

Another huge miss is the incredibly confusing way the search and Today Widget behave depending on how you invoke it, whether from the home screen or the lock screen.

The list goes on and on. It may seem nit-picky but there simply isn’t any consistency or precision in this interface. The obsession with detail seen in Apple’s hardware design does not carry over to software. While the phone may get sub-millimeter precision manufacturing, Apple can’t even manage to center the temperature in the Weather app.

iOS 11 Sure Does Suck 3

This inconsistency in design and lack of attention to detail aren’t 100% new to Apple. The Apple Music interface was a complete disaster. What’s concerning is that Apple has repeated those mistakes and included them in iOS 11 from top to bottom.

For a company that claims to have an obsessive attention to detail, this is not an acceptable release.  Add to all of this the design disaster that is the “notch” on the $1000 flagship iPhone X and I have no clue what the hell is going on at Cupertino. Maybe that whole LSD micro-dosing thing is bigger than I thought.




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