Humanscale ZŌN Review

Humanscale ZŌN Review 1

Unlike other purifiers that talk about purifying the whole room, the Humanscale ZŌN efficiently creates a concentrated pocket of pure air for a single zone.

Zon removes more than 99% of airborne contaminants of all sizes—including dust, smoke, germs, allergens, smog, viruses, and even volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde—for the freshest air possible.

The chart below, taken from the Humanscale, compares the ZŌN filter vs. HEPA technology in removing air toxins and pollutants.

Humanscale ZŌN Review 2

Humanscale is focused on sustainability and the ZŌN only uses 22 watts and it is the only purifier to offer paper recyclable air filters. The ZŌN has been lauded by MoMA for its design.

I’ve had the ZŌN Air Purifier for about a month now and have had plenty of time to use it and I’m impressed.  It’s hard to tell if your air is cleaner, but with three dogs in my house I think I can confidently say the ZŌN makes a difference in my air quality.  Overall it’s an awesome product, looks fantastic and it’s easy on the juice.  The recycle-able filters are a huge bonus and awesome for cost savings making the $399 price tag look not so bad.



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