How to Take Honest, High-Quality Photos with Your iPhone

During the recent Adobe 99U conference, Brooklyn-based Aundre Larrow discussed his work as a portrait photographer and the importance of “honest photography.” Larrow describes honest photography as  “pictures that don’t rely on editing or retouching and portray people as they really are.” His number one tip  is that you must understand just how essential light is.

“Photography is painting with light,” Larrow said during a workshop on honest photography at the recent Adobe 99U conference in New York, where he was finishing up his time as an Adobe Creative Resident. “It’s not that it’s the original visual medium – obviously, there’s drawing and painting – but now, mostly thanks to our phones, it’s the most pervasive.” And because it’s become so easy to take photographs today, “we now have a responsibility to create responsibly,” he added.

It’s a quick read and one I highly recommended. What I really like is that Larrow’s tips don’t rely on any special apps (he uses the Camera app baked into iOS).

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