How to Solve the Information Paradox In the Event a Black Hole Deletes the Entire Universe

Kurzgesagt has an incredible ability to distill the some of the most complicated subjects into easily digestible goodness. In this highly informative yet somewhat terrifying animation, the concept of black holes is discussed. The destructive nature of black holes and how all the information in the universe could be swallowed up by a black hole and turned into sameness if the black hole information paradox holds true has never been explained so succinctly.

Information tells us how things are different from each other and what used to be what. Black holes do the opposite: they take different things and make them the same. They destroy information. This creates the information paradox, and this is a serious problem. The information paradox is fundamental for all our laws of physics that information can never be lost. Existing not existing without information. Everything is relative. When it comes to our understanding of reality we need absolute. How could we solve this paradox?



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