Hope and Lotus Develop Insane 2020 Olympic Track Bike for the Great Britain Cycling Team

This bike is wild

The British Cycling Federation with aerodynamic input from Lotus Engineering and manufacturing by Hope Technology, has created one of the most incredible track bikes I’ve ever seen. Built specifically for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, this bike is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Starting from the front, the fork legs have a deep profile and super wide spacing. There’s a dual-crown attachment to the frame and the fork legs sweep back in toward center toward the hub. It’s a crazy look, especially from head on.

The frame itself has pretty ordinary airfoil tube profiles paired to a standard triangle. The seatstays, however, like the fork are pretty strange. Similar to the fork blades, the seatstays are spaced very far apart and have a very deep and very narrow profile. They attach at the top to an extension off the seat tube and extend vertically at a very sharp angle. The extension off the seat tube appears to be made of 3D-printed titanium.

The wide berth of the fork and seat stays are likely there to reduce the interaction between the spinning wheels and the static structure of the frame.

The cockpit is comprised of an integrated carbon fiber handlebar and split stem.

Other details are sure to come, but I can’t wait to see this thing in action.

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