Hidden Camera Exposes Apple’s Genius Bars Ripping Off Customers

I’m a big proponent of the Right to Repair movement, the fact that being able to repair, reuse and resell what you have isn’t already the standard is about as antithetical to the American way as imaginable. Apple is one of the biggest opponents of the movement. They make devices difficult if not impossible to work on, push software updates that brick devices that have been repaired outside of their shops and push consumers toward simply replacing their device with a new one as opposed to paying their exorbitant repair estimates.

There have long been allegations that Apple is overcharging its customers for repair charges, so the CBC News team decided to go undercover to see whether or not these charges are true. Also worth considering is the environmental impact of scrapping perfectly repairable, especially when Apple touts itself as being green.

Louis Rossmann makes a few appearances in the video, he’s one of my favorite characters on YouTube. Despite the fact that I seldom have the technical knowledge to understand what he’s talking about, watching him repair computers and devices is always captivating.


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