You Should Try The Hand Release Push-Up The standard push-up is a very effective movement for building muscle and strength that is often overlooked by intermediate and advanced lifters. Past the beginner stage, conventional push-ups by themselves just aren't difficult enough to really help build strength or muscle, which is too bad because mechanically speaking, it's a fantastic movement. Instead of bench... Continue Reading →

What makes muscles grow? With all the confusion about the best exercises, best routines, best diets, and other advice on how to get mad gains  out there many of us buy into complicated training methods, and forget that sometimes simple is best. This video from TED-Ed breaks down the basics of how muscles grow, and how you can... Continue Reading →

Lifting, Casually Explained “Make sure to always wear a loose hoodie to hide your power level.” Casually Explained provides you with the fundamental ingredients you need to have on your quest to bodybuilding perfection. Hilarious and so damn accurate. Fuckarounditis has never been so hilariously documented.

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