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Chock this up as one of those — “why didn’t I think of it first” — inventions. If you don’t have a garage, or have turned your side of the garage into a full-featured gym and life necessitates that you must park on the street… and if you live in one of the following areas you might want to read on.


If you do live in one of those overly yellow areas of the map and you drive anything other than a complete beater you know how scary hailstorms are and you definitely don’t want to have to pull this move:

The Hail Protector ($299-$399) Automobile Hail Protection System is an inflatable car armor that will keep your ride from looking lik a golf ball. The Hail Protector looks like your standard car cover, but thanks to the power of a few AA batteries, an AC outlet or your car’s cigarette lighter it becomes much more. And you don’t even have to head out into the hail yourself as the system is activated by remote control. The cover takes just a few minutes to inflate and saves your ride from hail — even up to softball sized hail-stones.

The Hail Protector also includes a free lifetime subscription to the National Weather Service so you’ll know when to cover your car incase of an impending storm. Here’s the system in action:


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