Warm weather means it is time to fire up the grill. Nothing says summer like a homemade burger, it’s time to perfect your burger making skills with Gordon Ramsay’s help. On a recent episode of Good Morning America, Master Chef chef Gordon Ramsay gave the audience a tasty tutorial on how to make the “perfect burger.”

Here’s the gist: on. seasoning. grill. on. lid down. buns. salt. lift. in. onions. seasoning. on. lid down. turn. seasoning. seasoning. butter. flip. season. bun. cheese. on. mayonnaise. on. lettuce. snap. break. on. tomato. salt. pepper. mayonnaise. burger. on. onions. elevate. bun. on. down. in. slice. boom

Don’t forget to put some meat on your salt and pepper.


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