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Gironda Perfect Curls – The Best Exercises Named After Famous Lifters

Vince Gironda didn’t earn the name the Iron Guru without reason. He knew his shit when it came to purposefully moving iron.

Gironda laid the foundation for much of what constitutes bodybuilding science today.

Where Gironda’s passion for purity really shines is in the “Gironda Perfect Curl”:

  1. Start the exercise as if you’re doing a regular standing barbell curl (you can use a straight bar or an EZ-bar).
  2. Before starting the movement, bring your upper torso backward (shifting your weight toward the heels). Sshoulders are aligned behind the hips and knees in the starting position.
  3. Slowly curl the weight up from that position. As you lift the weight slowly bend the upper torso forward so that in the end position the shoulders are in front of the hips and knees.
  4. Lower the bar using the opposite motion. Start in the torso forward position and as the bar is lowered, bring the torso to the backward position.

This change of angle during the movement really places a huge tension on the biceps during the execution of the entire exercise.

Lift the bar in 2-3 seconds, squeeze hard at the top for 1-2 seconds and lower it in 3-4 seconds. Start using a relatively low weight as it’s much harder than a regular curl.

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