Wahoo ELEMNT Roam Cycling Computer Launches

Wahoo Fitness is adding a third cycling computer to its lineup today. The Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM builds on the platform of the original ELEMNT and more compact BOLT by adding a color screen, longer battery life, and smart navigation features. Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM Features High-resolution color screen On-the-go rerouting 17+ hour battery life Ambient light... Continue Reading →

Keego, a squeezable metal water bottle

When it comes to water bottles, you really have two choices; squeezable plastic or rigid metal or glass. Metal bottles are great because they sideline harmful chemicals like BPA and don't absorb odors and flavors, but metal tends to be heavy and traditionally is not very easy to squeeze. Keego is made from 99.8-percent titanium and... Continue Reading →

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