Sidi Shoes release Dominator Version 10

Ciclista-America, importer of Sidi products into the United States, just announced Sidi’s all-new mountain bike shoe, the Dominator 10. The Dominator 10 may be labelled for MTB use, but it's one of the top gravel shoes on the market. Here's the rundown from Sidi's press release. Sidi Dominator Version 10 Features Features the Tecno-3 dial... Continue Reading →

Time Releases Cyclo Pedal for Gravel Cycling

Time’s new Cyclo pedals combine the stability of a wide road cycling pedal platform with the mud clearance and walk-ability of a mountain bike pedal and clear system. Designed with gravel and touring riders in mind, the Cyclo pedal system has the potential to be the best gravel-specific pedal on the market. From Time themselves:... Continue Reading →

Shimano Announces New RX8 Gravel Shoe

As gravel riding and racing continues to grow, more gravel-specific equipment will follow. In the lead-up to Dirty Kanza, Shimano has released a new RX8 shoe designed specifically for gravel. So what does a gravel shoe look like? While a lot of gravel gear tends to be beefed up roadie stuff, Shimano took the opposite... Continue Reading →

Louis Garneau Actifly Shoes

Race shoes cost several hundred dollars, the last thing I want to do is wear them out grinding through miles in my basement dungeon. They're also made for riding outdoors, without air flowing over them at 20mph they just are not breathable enough for a good indoor sweat session. Louis Garneau in collaboration with Reebok... Continue Reading →

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