Castelli Alpha RoS Jacket Review

Traditionally, cold weather riding has meant donning a baselayer, jersey, and some combination of jackets to achieve the optimal solution for winter conditions. Inevitably, it's all for naught and I'm either overdressed and overheated or soaking wet because I planned for dry or snowy conditions instead of rain. After living awhile with the Casetelli Alpha... Continue Reading →

Yuba Spicy Curry Review

For someone used to obsessing over wattage, heartrate and how many grams I can shave from my bike, a 60-pound bike capable of hauling two kids and/or 300-pounds of cargo sounded like the last thing I would want to pedal. After-all, cycling is about going fast. I've done a lot of amazing road riding over... Continue Reading →

Review: Silca Introduces Nastro Bar Tapes

Silca is on quite the product release streak, quickly expanding their range of bicycle accessories – from inflation, to packs, to tools and more. Today, they're announcing a new line of bar tape, called Nastro. Nastro comes in two styles: 1.85mm-thick Nastro Piloti and 2.5mm-thick Nastro Fiore. Both styles offer a unique laminate construction, tunable... Continue Reading →

Bodyglide Cycle

For longer rides chamois cream is a must, but the stuff is a gooey mess to apply and can be a real pain to wash out of expensive cycle clothing. Bodyglide, billed as “the original anti-blister, anti-chafing balm,” offers an alternative; a deodorant style stick applicator with chamois cream close to the consistency of lip balm.... Continue Reading →

Bialetti Brikka and Grinder

Bialetti is an Italian brand best known for its Moka Express the #1 seller in Italy. The company is expanding into US and international markets with a push to become the portable coffeemaker for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts. Bialetti sent a Brikka and grinder my way, here's what I thought: The Brikka pot is made... Continue Reading →

Onsen Bath Towels

Bath towels aren't something I spend a lot of time thinking about. So, when Onsen set me a set of their bath towels to try out my first thought was; how different could they really be? Turns out I should give a little more thought to my bath towel. “Onsen” is the Japanese word for... Continue Reading →

Up Mountain Switchel

Though switchel’s origins are a bit murky the variety brewed by Up Mountain Switchel comes from 18th-century Vermont. It’s an American heritage beverage made of apple cider vinegar, ginger and sweetener -- in this case maple sugar (fitting for Vermont). The beverage has long been drunk by farmers during haying season to help them stay cool and hydrated.... Continue Reading →

Louis Garneau Actifly Shoes

Race shoes cost several hundred dollars, the last thing I want to do is wear them out grinding through miles in my basement dungeon. They're also made for riding outdoors, without air flowing over them at 20mph they just are not breathable enough for a good indoor sweat session. Louis Garneau in collaboration with Reebok... Continue Reading →

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