Myles Rockwell testing the RollR 45

RovR's Campr coolers when combined with the Bikr attachment allow you to ride along with your cooler just about anywhere as long as the surface you were riding on was fairly smooth. Now, RovR is back with updates to the wheels of their new RollR cooler allowing for offroad riding. To put the new wheels... Continue Reading →

Frances Cycles: The Farfarer Trailer

This is a great short on the Farfarer Trailer which was lovingly designed by Quentin Lindh and has been field tested for more than 10 years. The trailers are light at less than 10lbs, constructed of bomb proof materials and are thoughtfully designed to suit a plethora of uses. The long, curved tubes provide compliance... Continue Reading →

Reinventing the Spork

When I first heard that a guy spent 18 months re-designing the spork I wanted to laugh, but this things actually pretty cool. The Morsel Spork has both the forky bits and the spoon part on board, and its got the necessary cutting edge to round out the package. Those things are to be expected.... Continue Reading →

Springbar Canvas Tent

The Springbar tent ($599+) has been a car camping icon since 1961. Mid-century outdoor design doesn't get much better than this mold and mildew-resistant cotton duck canvas tent that can easily be pitched by one person in just a few minutes. The 8-person capacity tent relies on flex and tension to create a spacious 100-square-foot interior. The tents... Continue Reading →

Biolite CampStove 2

In 2010, BioLite launched a really impressive backpacking gadget, the CampStove. It caught a lot of attention for its ability to not only cook food by smokelessly burning wood via a fan system but also because it could charge and power electronics with a thermoelectric generator. It was a cool system with technology that worked well.... Continue Reading →

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