Fresh New Tracks


This week our friends from FreshNewTracks sent over seven songs for our listening pleasure. This week’s sampler includes a taste of everything; make sure you at least lend your buds to the first four songs.

To download a song click the blue link following “DOWNLOAD:”. This will take you to the host site All you need to do is click the large download button to the right of the song title.


DOWNLOAD: Dev – In the Dark (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!) — Must Download Party Song


DOWNLOAD: Brenton Duvall – Some Other Party in Paradise Remix

DOWNLOAD: DJ Trademark – Summer Weekend

DOWNLOAD: DOSVEC – 1980 (Dirt Nasty vs Hall & Oates & RUN DMC)


DOWNLOAD: Rook – Inspired by Hate

DOWNLOAD: Setting Sun


DOWNLOAD: Edward Elgar – Nimrod (Jakwob Remix)


Joshua Morrison: Builder EP

Cadillac ELR


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