Fresh New Tracks
This week our friends over at FreshNewTracks sent us five tracks for our listening pleasure. Rather than giving us a taste of every genre they cover, for this installment they decided to focus on Hip-Hop, Mashups, and Dubstep. We are still toying with this feature so please give us your feedback, do you want more or less of a particular genre, different players, etc. Sound off in the comments section!

To download a song click the blue link following “DOWNLOAD:”. This will take you to the host site All you need to do is click the large download button to the right of the song title.


DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Weatherman

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Ocean Drive


DOWNLOAD: DJ Fergie Ferg – Good Vibrizzos (Beach Boys x Jay-Z)

DOWNLOAD: DOSVEC – Sunshine Lights


DOWNLOAD: Klaypex – Lights

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