Former Patagonia CEO Takes on the Car Seat, and It's Pretty Slick 1

Former Patagonia CEO Takes on the Car Seat, and It’s Pretty Slick

Car seats are bulky, heavy, hard to carry and are pretty cheaply crafted despite being pretty damn expensive. Moving my kid’s car seat between review cars each week is a consistent pain in my rear.

Wayb, created by Tio Jung & Michael Crooke (formerly Patagonia’s CEO) aims to change the status quo.

Their project launched on Indiegogo a couple weeks ago. Called Pico, their car seat dumps the traditional hard plastic shell for an aluminum frame and swaps bulky foam for a mesh. The resulting car seat promises to be very easy to carry thanks to its ability to fold and it’s eight-pound weight. It also fold up for travel so getting through an airport should be much less of a nightmare. On top of all that, the materials are far more recyclable.

You can reserve one of Wayb’s Pico car seats on Indiegogo right now for $270.


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