Stephen King’s novel The Dark Tower has undergone a long and convoluted way to becoming a movie. But, we’re finally just a few short months from release which means it’s time for the first official trailer.

This trailer shows young Jake Chambers (Legends’ Tom Taylor) explaining his visions of the Gunslinger (Idris Elba) and the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) to a child psychologist who tells him they’re just dreams. Wrong! Suddenly he’s in a mysterious alternate dimension called Mid-World, and the Gunslinger is explaining that 1) he’s not a Gunslinger because there aren’t Gunslingers anymore, and 2) the Man in Black isn’t “like the devil,” he’s actually worse than the devil. Some great one-liners in there too; “death always wins” and “I do not kill with my gun, I kill with my heart.”



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