Euclid is a More Accurate Measuring Cup 1

Euclid is a More Accurate Measuring Cup

Dubbed Euclid, after Euclid of Alexandria the father of Euclidean geometry, this new measuring cup presents a mathematically optimized design with a surface area that grows proportionally with volume. In other words, Euclid measures one ounce with the same precision as one cup.

In everyday cooking I don’t worry about my measurements being too accurate, most of the time I don’t measure at all. But when brewing or baking, accuracy can make or break the final product. Most measuring cups offer a margin of error around 20 percent and the error rate is actually worse with smaller quantities which can easily result in 5 gallons of ruined home-brew as the ingredients used in small measurements tend to be the most potent.

Google and Facebook software engineer Joshua Redstone took on the challenge of the inaccurate measuring cup and came up with Euclid which is now being funded on Kickstarter. In addition to the increased precision, Euclid is also designed to be read easily and for ergonomic pouring. The Euclid measuring cup is expected to ship in May 2018 with a retail price of $24.


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