Sometimes excessive is okay. Some might say that aging a drink for 18 or more years is excessive, I call it delicious. A good whiskey is a thing to behold, and Discommon Goods’ Lowball 2: The Pinch Tumbler ($280) is here to make sure each and every sip of a fine whiskey is enjoyed and cherished.

A radical departure from the widely accepted crystal glass whiskey tumbler or snifter, the Lowball uses a CNC Lathe to cut an hourglass internal shape into the piece for a classic silhouette snifter shape while the exterior surface of the aerospace-grade aluminum tumbler features painstakingly machined divots for grip and aesthetics while sipping. Yes it’s excessive, but boy is it beautiful. Check out the video below for a more detailed look at the process. Who doesn’t love a little CNC machining goodness?


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