Davyd, Music Video Remix of A. I. Film by Pogo 1

Davyd, Music Video Remix of A. I. Film by Pogo

“Davyd (A. I. Mashup)” by Australian movie remix artist Nick Bertke (Pogo) is a musical remix of the film A. I. Artificial Intelligence. It’s weird and it’s strangely beautiful.

My remix of voices, chords and sound effects from Spielberg’s ‘AI: Artificial Intelligence’. Enjoy!

A.I. is a haunting, deeply moving science-fiction about David, a robot-boy “adopted” by a couple whose real son Martin lies hospitalised in a coma. The plot thickens when Martin recovers and deviously instigates David’s abandonment, setting him on a vast adventure to find the fictitious Blue Fairy so he can wish for mortality and seek a new acceptance from his mother.

The film salutes the tale of Pinocchio without compromising originality, and unfolds with uncanny realism in a frighteningly plausible future. It challenges our distinction between man and machine, and hints carefully at the conflicts of interest people can have in raising children. The visual effects are mind bending as typical of a Spielberg picture, but serve the story commendably without turning the film into an ILM showreel.

Combined with the elegant yet characterful scoring of John Williams, this is one film bound to put both your morals and your tear ducts to the test.


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